Why Real Aloe?

• First ingredient on the Real Aloe label is Certified Organic Aloe Vera
• Organic Aloe Vera is grown in Southern California, manufactured in the USA
• Real Aloe Products use only the Inner clear gel of the Aloe Vera leaf
• Real Aloe has been manufacturing premium products for over 40 years
• Aloe Lotion contains our Aloe Gel with natural and botanical
ingredients to create a unique, soothing skincare lotion
• AloeGel & AloeSpray Topical Products are 99.5% pure Aloe Vera
• There is no better quality Aloe Vera, THE ONLY REAL ALOE VERA

Why Real Aloe Gel?

• Cools instantly on damaged skin, a must for every first aid kit
• No Perfume smell, clear and non-sticky to the touch
• Needs only a little drop, to heal a lot
• Premium quality, top product in sun care and lotion category

Why Real Aloe Spray?

• Fine mist Aloe Vera spray – one of a kind product
• Tube applicator – easy to use on hard to get at places on the body
• Food grade, can spray in your mouth for a great breath freshener
• Instant relief for all skin types
• Great for after sun care

Why Real Aloe Lotion?

• The Secret to our lotion is the Aloe Vera we use
• Luxurious Argan, Jojoba and Avocado oils to protect the skin against dryness
• Carefully selected flower extracts to add a soothing balance
• Apply to all parts of the body and especially effective on cuticles, hands and feet
• Use daily for year round skincare